Verschwimmen (Blur) /  Installation / 2018


Two layers of curtain out of transparent foil 3m*4m*0,7m

Stuttgart(DE), Kunstbezirk


The installation ‘Verschwimmen

(Blur)’ plays on the factors of light and translucent materials. From the ceiling hangs parallel two translucent foils, which have the form of a curtain. They hang a little above from the ground. The lights from the top plays further on the translucency of the material, making the the view through the layers of foil appear blurred.


The fragility of the foil reacts to the slightest movements, as the audience is free to walk around and between these curtains. Thus making the reflection through it also change with every step. The perception of the space then relies upon the several reflections and shadows between the concussion of the translucent foil and light play. The translucent material of the foil was close to perfect as it allows just enough light to pass through. At the same time is delicate enough to be manipulated by movements.