Wall with a Hole /  Close circuit-Video Installation / 2017


Camera, HDF Panel with a hole, Projection on the floor


Cologne(DE), Kulturbunker


"Wall With a Hole" is a close-circuit video- installation. There is a wall with a hole and the audience can look through it. While the audience look through the hole, the camera behind the audience record the back of the head of the audience.


On the other side of the wall, there

is a projector hanging on the ceiling, projecting the image, which is recorded live with the camera, on the floor. The Audience, who is looking through the whole, can see him/herself through the hole but just a small part of the image because the image is positioned between the blind spot and the visible spot. While the audience look through the hole, other audiences can see the whole image of the audience but the audience, who's looking through the hole can see just a part of him/herself.


Putting the audience into a extraordinary situation leads them to be part of a voyeuristic observer and at the same time the subject of being observed.